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A fresh new package design for an out-of-this-world product!

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Pure Strategic was asked to create a fresh new look for Taos Bakes' CosmoNuts product line. The need for this packaging to be cohesive to their existing product lineup while, at the same time, differentiating themselves from their granola-based products was at the forefront of our efforts. Taos Bakes wanted us to create a brighter, more eye-catching package design that would grab the attention of consumers in the snack aisle.


It was determined that the existing CosmoNuts packaging left shoppers wondering what was inside the bag. We had to figure out a way to clearly demonstrate what the product was from a glance all while keeping their distinguished Taos Bakes brand aesthetic. In addition, we had to figure out the best location for product attributes and icons that would remain visible past the moment the package was opened.


Through multiple design iterations, we determined that a more saturated color palette than the rest of the Taos Bakes product lineup was going to be the most effective method in expanding and differentiating the look & feel for the CosmoNuts product line. We added galactic elements to the design and macro photos of the product inside the packaging as space debris, giving the 'Cosmo' in CosmoNuts some visual support.


New visuals like the moon, CosmoNuts 'space debris', and twinkling stars were added to compliment key elements like the iconic T-face shown on every Taos Bakes product. With a fresh layout atop a vibrant backdrop, there was no doubt that the product was eye-catching and begged to be tossed into the cart.


We produced a packaging solution for the CosmoNuts family that was bright, exciting, cohesive, and informative for the curious consumer. With the help of metallic elements and a soft-touch matte varnish, CosmoNuts now sit on the grocery store shelves waiting confidently to be explored!


Taos Bakes Testimonial

Pure Strategic has the ability to listen to their clients’ needs and desires, while also adding value by providing their own expertise in both overall design and visual aesthetics. They fully understand packaging design and provide incredibly professional work and couple it with great attention to detail — while still being able to finish our various projects in a timely manner. On multiple occasions, we were even able to expedite the design of many of our packaging changes to meet hard deadlines, which ultimately saved us a ton of money in the end. Couldn’t speak more highly of both Pure Strategic and their work!

— Brooks Thostenson, Taos Bakes CIO & Co-Founder