Heavenly Organics

Bringing Honey to Life: Leveraging Original Content to Drive Sales

Industry: CPG

Services Provided:


Heavenly Organics entrusted Pure Strategic with the mission of establishing a more authentic and profound connection with their consumers.


Recognizing the pivotal role of visual appeal in today's digital landscape, Heavenly Organics's online presence hinged on captivating photography for its website and social media platforms.


To elevate the Heavenly Organics brand, our focus was to highlight the versatility of their honey’s via culinary artistry. Our goal was to capture this through stylized and appetizing food photography, aiming to visually captivate and resonate with their current and prospective customers.

Tactical Efforts

  • Identified recipes that both appealed to personas and illustrated the uses of raw honey
  • Conducted trials of recipes to ensure positive results Designed, plated, and styled dishes for showcase photography
  • Expanded on catalog of reusable content for both their website and social media channels
  • Incorporated recipes into blog and social media channels in a timely manner
  • Utilized audience targeting on social media advertising to drive engagement
  • Fostered trial through engaging social media content and email marketing
  • Reworked all website and social media photography to have a more cohesive look and feel
  • Planned social media calendars to achieve multiple objectives: increasing brand awareness, fostering advocacy, driving trial, and soliciting engagement


Simple products such as honey can be beautifully elevated by vibrant food and lifestyle photography. Our in-house photography team crafted a portfolio of kitchen-tested recipes with colorful and eye-catching images designed to inject life into each and every scene. These images showcase the fun and possibility of cooking with raw honey, to encourage trial and increase overall customer engagement.


Pure Strategic provided a curated catalog of engaging and reusable content that illustrated the accessibility and daily uses of Heavenly Organics honey. This content was further promoted through their blog, social media posts and customer emails containing products offers and educational content centered around raw honey. Consequently, Heavenly Organics was very happy with the final results.


Heavenly Organics Testimonial

Working with Pure Strategic over the past year has been a rewarding experience. They are very selective with the clients they work with and this really shows up in the work they’ve done for us. The Pure Strategic team is passionate about Heavenly Organics. They use our products, they gift our product to other clients and they share our products with their friends and families. The are raving fans. They ask insightful questions and provided a thoughtful perspective and provided a considered approach to elevating our brand. They did a deep dive into identifying our key customer personas and distilled our digital presence to retain the core essence while simplifying our message.

Chris Brown is a strong and insightful leader that provides high level guidance, on-point recommendations and is alway enthusiastic about delivering excellent outcomes. He empowers his team to take ownership of the work they do and he is a great collaborator. Chris is an excellent communicator who isn’t afraid to open up the conversation to get to the root of an issue. I appreciate his candour, ethical approach to marketing and his unyielding commitment to achieving great results.

— Aron Bjornson, Heavenly Organics - International Sales + Marketing