Notcho Nocheez

Creative, Original Content for a Seriously Delicious Dip

Industry: CPG

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Notcho Nocheez, a plant-based alternative cheese dip made primarily with almonds, needed an updated, modern website that established an appetizing digital presence to promote brick & mortar sales and drive conversion. The new site needed to speak to their potential in the natural food space and highlight the bold personality of the brand, encouraging the WOW factor to show it’s as good – if not better – than any other dip.


Notcho Nocheez had few assets for us to work with – except for their existing packaging – so we had a clean slate with guidance from the packaging to align the new website with. The bold flavors, simple ingredients, and the versatility of Notcho Nocheez was a huge selling point. Use it as a dip, spread, or topping for a variety of foods. Without the use of oils, dairy, or gluten, Notcho Nocheez is like nothing else in the plant-based dip category.


For Notcho Nocheez’s new content, we wanted to use big and bold photography that gave them presence in the digital space. We also worked with Notcho Nocheez to create recipes that would add interest and provide inspiration for their customers. Their website design compliments existing packaging and also highlights their simple ingredients, checking all the boxes for conscientious, plant-based eaters.

Tactical Efforts

  • Updated website design to align current branding and allow for a seamless user experience
  • Wrote new product descriptions with plant-based centered language and complete with flavor profile and tasting notes
  • Found a way to make an authentic and genuine connection with new audiences by generating custom original content
  • Developed several recipes to be used as serving suggestions for buyers
  • Shot & edited bold, beautiful photography and video that focused on the simple ingredients and the unique texture of the product
  • Created a library of social media content that appeals to new customers and remains familiar for current customers


With each new creative asset, Notcho Nocheez leveled up, resulting in a significant positive outcome for the brand. The new website, photography and videos contributed to the brands growth. They now have a great site with amazing content that promotes trial and portrays their products in an appetizing way.


Notcho Nocheez

The talented team at Pure Strategic created many great assets for my company, The Happy Vegan, that showcased our dairy-free cheese-dip product, Notcho Nocheez.

Not only did they take amazing photographs of the product and it "in use", but they also created a stunning video that I can use for almost any application!

They also completely re-designed my website and collaborated with me throughout the entire process to be sure it had the look/feel and overall message that I wanted to convey to our customers about the company and product. The website also features a Shopify store and looks and functions perfectly! During the website creation process, they went above and beyond to actually make recipes with my product to help me to develop a necessary "Recipe" component to my website. The pictures they created are used regularly on our social media and for other marketing efforts.

The design team was truly fabulous and created superb collateral including brochures, sell-sheets, trade-show signage, and other marketing pieces. Working with the team was such a pleasurable experience.

The technical team was amazing too as they made the website design & launch process seamless!

A special thanks to the owner, who takes such pride in his work and making it right for the customer. He cares immensely about his team and his customers and working with him was a true pleasure.

— Sharon Gregory, Notcho Nocheez / The Happy Vegan, LLC CEO