SeaBear Smokehouse

Unforgettable Seafood Experiences, from the Pacific Northwest to Your Home

Industry: CPG

Services Provided:


SeaBear, an authentic & traditional Pacific Northwest smokehouse, tasked Pure Strategic with designing a new website that presents a fresh, engaging introduction to new audiences, while remaining familiar to existing customers, all while embracing the unforgettable seafood experience that only SeaBear can provide.


Effectively conveying the rich heritage and authentic smokehouse of SeaBear was imperative. Their product lineup delivers a premium seafood culinary experience that is not only distinctive and prestigious but also accessible to all. It was crucial that this information and the associated experience seamlessly transcended across both mobile and desktop platforms.


Armed with a clear objective and a profound grasp of the brand, it was time to dive into the task at hand. Harnessing SeaBears remarkable backstory, unwavering commitment to quality, and the promise of delivering an authentic smokehouse experience to individuals nationwide, we formed the bedrock of our strategy for shaping their new website experience. We embarked on crafting a website that authentically resonated with both existing and potential customers, accentuating the company's distinctive qualities to ensure a seamless and enjoyable shopping experience for all patrons.


  • We began with creating website mood boards to solidify the brand’s evolutionary direction and lock in on the desired aesthetic
  • Built advanced shipping rules to manage specific shipping requirements for different classes of products specific to SeaBear
  • Provided comps of each page to determine the most effective layout for user experience on all device sizes
  • Integrated custom cart attributes for a simplified gift-giving experience complete with future-ship options
  • Streamlined the design of the Add-to-Cart and Checkout processes to improve transaction conversion
  • Expanded filtering & search features with advanced card generation and easily customized filter trees
  • Custom-developed a Shopify theme from the ground up with a focus on optimizing performance and providing a smooth user experience for both customers and administrators of the site
  • Assisted in data management and migration services from the previous platform to Shopify


Working closely with SeaBear we styled and shot additional product, studio, and lifestyle imagery to contribute to their already well-established collection of photography. New product offerings & collections were prepared, styled, and photographed for use across the website, video advertisements, and social media platforms.


Pure Strategic overcame the basic checkout limitations of the platform and developed a custom checkout calling out specific shipping expectations with customers.


Our collaboration with SeaBear allowed the history and highlights of their brand to shine through with a custom-developed website experience that continues to set them apart. Following the launch of their new website, SeaBear saw positive results with their online business on both desktop and mobile.


SeaBear Smokehouse Testimonial


SeaBear has been thrilled with Pure Strategic’s work getting us to a new, more robust, more compelling web site on Shopify, a platform that is far superior to where we were previously. The Pure Strategic team led the effort, working with us to establish the website goals upfront, developing the process plan, driving the process, working hand-in-hand with the SeaBear team throughout, and ultimately getting to our aggressive launch date in excellent shape.

Since launch, Pure Strategic and SeaBear have continued to work together seamlessly to further enhance the functionality and consumer experience, a process I am sure will continue as we work from the data to identify opportunities.

Everyone we worked with on the Pure Strategic team – from development, to design, to planning – brought strong skills, and even more importantly an extremely strong let’s-work-together-to-get-it-done mentality. We look forward to this taking our growing direct to consumer business to another level.

— Mike Mondello, SeaBear Smokehouse President & CEO