Primal Bowl Builder

Industry: Consumer Packaged Goods,Pet

Services Provided:


  • Designed user interface, look and feel and all customer correspondence
  • Collaborated with internal team to populate nutritional and diet recommendations
  • Integrated with email marketing platform allowing for delivery of results and continued personalized correspondence with customer
  • Downloadable pdf allowing customers to take recommendations to pet store of their choice
  • A pet-industry-first interactive Bowl Builder, feeding calculator and store locator.


With strategic planning, collaborative learning, and thoughtful design and development, Primal Pet Foods now has a very easy and effective tool to showcase the breadth of their product lineup and make great recommendations for each of their unique customers pets.


Primal Pet Group Testimonial

Quite simply, Pure Strategic adds value everywhere we need it. From social media, copy writing and strategy to development, photography and design, Pure Strategic has us covered. Chris’s amazing team works tirelessly to deliver the highest quality work again and again, and makes us look good every step of the way.

A massive project we tasked them with was the development of a pet-industry-first interactive Bowl Builder, feeding calculator and store locator. Through collaboration with Pure Strategic, we outlined a concept to not only highlight, cross promote and educate on our entire product lines, but also to provide best-in-class purchasing and feeding recommendations for pet owners worldwide.

The concept was the easy part – Pure Strategic then showcased their amazing development and design abilities to bring a very complex concept to life. By tying each personalized built bowl results to our store locator, we were able to successfully drive consumers to retail stores in their area to make a purchase – and retailers loved us for that. The dedication and attention to detail by Pure Strategic is remarkable and I’m so grateful for the work they delivered on this project and every project they touch. Thanks to Pure Strategic, our beautiful Bowl Builder is the envy of the pet industry.

Kyle Frautnick, Head of Internal Design Primal Pet Group