From Start to Finish: Crafting a Richer Customer Experience

From Start to Finish: Crafting a Richer Customer Experience





Design & Development



Sun Company, creator and manufacturer of outdoor products, tasked Pure Strategic to provide a plan to establish a digital foundation for their business, streamline their messaging and merchandising, and grow their DTC channel.


After a successful assessment of their brand and their product offering, we defined their target audience. We then identified that the existing content did not connect with this audience in an authentic and genuine manner. We also discovered opportunities to streamline the shopping experience via conversion funnels, giving us a greater chance to convert site visitors into customers. Finally, given the limitations of the existing platform, we determined that a new platform was inevitable.


To address these discovered needs, Pure Strategic looked to transition all of Sun Company’s products to a new ecommerce platform. This new platform needed to be capable of addressing their current needs for more intuitive, user-friendly navigation, as well as scaling with their projected growth in sales. Pure Strategic identified specific personas within a more defined “casual outdoorsman” audience, crafting detailed personalities and purchasing motivators for each. To generate premium reusable content, Pure Strategic built out a content strategy for an industry-specific blog full of eye-catching photography and family-centric content tailored to the company’s target “casual outdoorsman” personas.


  • Identified specific personas within target audience, creating a more focused marketing effort
  • Designed, built and launched the new
  • Crafted conversion funnels for each identified persona, tailoring the customer experience to the wants and needs of the specific customer
  • Created a blog for publishing reusable content centered around the lifestyle uses of the four personas
  • Drafted original content for an industry-specific blog to follow the interests of the identified personas, as well as provide educational content for outdoor adventuring


Our in-house photography team staged, shot, and edited the entire line of Sun Company products against seasonal and contextual backdrops, creating professional assets for use in eCommerce websites, social media campaigns, and recurring blog posts.

REsults & Analytics

Pure Strategic created a streamlined, visually-pleasing, and engaging customer experience on Sun Company’s new site built on the Shopify platform. Pure Strategic also redefined Sun Company’s target audience by providing more focus and fleshing out specific personas within their customer base. Finally, Pure Strategic curated a catalog of engaging photography and reusable blog content that illustrated the adventurous and user-friendly nature of Sun Company products. This content was then available to be disseminated through social media platforms, email lists, and other points of customer contact.

Sun Company Inc.

Client Feedback

Chris and his team at Pure Strategic are simply excellent at what they do. Before working with Pure Strategic, we were behind the times in terms of digital marketing. Pure Strategic quickly got us up to speed by redesigning our website, optimizing our digital advertising, and creating effective marketing/promotional content that we can use across all platforms. The content they create is always beautiful and their communication is excellent. The team schedules regular meetings so that we can stay up to date on current projects as well as brainstorm ideas for future projects. I love that I am never “in the dark” and I know every dollar is well spent. I am very much looking forward to continuing our partnership with Pure Strategic and seeing how they can help our company continue to grow. — David Cross, Sun Company Inc. Executive VP

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