Elevating A Women’s Clothing Brand To New (Digital) Heights

Elevating A Women’s Clothing Brand To New (Digital) Heights




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Soybu came to Pure Strategic to increase their brand recognition, drive revenue, and most importantly, to connect with their consumer base in an authentic and genuine manner.


With the objective clearly called out, Pure Strategic teamed up with Soybu to explore their current brand perception and discuss their target brand experience. Through in-depth consumer analysis and competitive market research, Pure Strategic determined Soybu’s optimal target audience and the changes we needed to make to our voice and tone, imagery and merchandising.

Product Page mockup
Eden Collection Image


The Pure Strategic team met internally to define an effective game plan. Knowing that Soybu’s website needed to establish a stellar first impression, we put our initial focus there. To increase Soybu’s premium brand perception, we established a strategy to highlight new products and move older products to an outlet channel. Next, we put together a plan to update the copy, create lifestyle content, and incorporate models and photography that would appeal to every woman. Finally, we created a strategy to streamline the consumer experience based on how “she” likes to shop.


  • Curated Shop By Outfit and used photography to support future promotions
  • Refreshed and reskinned website
  • Implemented storytelling-style copy in all marketing assets to communicate a brand story that would foster customer connections to the brand, driving engagement and interest
  • Used HDYS campaign to upsell and create relatable narrative around what the clothing and brand stands for, including the development of a brand-specific hashtag
  • Curated product collections after each new launch to align with and reach targeted demographics’ styles
  • Revamped merchandising on website to present Soybu as a high end brand which included strategic cropping of photos, inclusion of lifestyle images on product pages, use of both in-studio and on-location shots to create diversity of photography, specific merchandising of products to create balanced web pages with a variety of silhouettes and colorways in keeping with seasonal trends
Soybu Homepage Design Mockup


  • Strategically chose models to reflect customer base
  • Built portfolio of images using iconic Colorado backdrops
  • Switched focus from performance to lifestyle to reflect current product lines
  • Handpicked aspirational, relatable models and locations to represent the values that Soybu stands for

Model Lifestyle Apparel Shot
Apparel Flatlay photography
Model Lifestyle Apparel Shot
Model Lifestyle Apparel Shot
Modeled product photography
Model Lifestyle Apparel Shot
Product image Photography
Model Lifestyle Apparel Shot

REsults & Analytics

With our strategic approach, an authentic and genuine connection with Soybu’s consumer base was established. This resulted in an increase in conversion rates, improved email marketing engagement, increased average order value, and ultimately drove more revenue. Our efforts not only contributed in the digital space, but had a positive impact across other retail channels within their business.


Client Feedback

Our company has been working with the Pure Strategic Team for over 3 years in various capacities. Whether we are working on small projects or large, the team is very responsive to our needs. They provide the expertise we need as it relates to digital marketing. Love the fact that they are nimble and always available to provide insights, guidance, and execution in an ever-changing work space. — Gina Akins, Soybu VP Operations

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