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Bone Broth Product Launch



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Primal Pet Foods awarded Pure Strategic the opportunity to spearhead the launch of their new product, Bone Broth. Success for this launch was defined via education, reach, and the reception of the new product by retailers and pet parents alike.


Bone Broth was identified as an optimal introduction/crossover product, as it appealed to both raw feeders and potential new customers as well. Hydration, nourishment, and numerous benefits were identified as highlights. In addition, we discovered there were a variety of ways to serve our furry friends this flavorful elixir. Once the features and benefits had been identified, it was time to dive into strategy.

Dog with Bone Broth
Primal Bone Broth Ingredients Lay


To tell the Primal Bone Broth story, Pure Strategic aimed to educate on the importance of the new product by highlighting the nutritional benefits of Bone Broth for dogs and cats. Using the information from the discovery process, Pure Strategic defined the target audience to maximize impact and built a cohesive plan. This plan included the utilization of photography, videography, and digital campaigns to amplify and promote the new product and drive consumers to purchase at brick and mortar.


  • Launched and developed a multi-channel digital campaign, including paid search and display through AdWords, paid campaigns through Facebook and Instagram, plus a weekly giveaway through Facebook designed to promote awareness, generate engagement, and foster excitement for the product
  • Supported early adopters at retail by generating geo-targeted campaigns that drove brick & mortar traffic and contributed to sell-through
  • Created a storyboard, wrote the video script, provided voiceover, and directed videographer to develop product video that highlighted key nutritional facts and the simplicity of incorporating the product and its numerous benefits into your companion’s diet
  • Developed, launched, and promoted a product-specific store locator, driving brick & mortar sales and helping customers find exactly which stores carried Bone Broth
  • Created product-specific landing page and homepage graphics supporting our overall objective
  • Implemented storytelling copy in all marketing assets to make a genuine connection with our audience and communicate the nutritional benefits of Bone Broth
  • Implemented tracking metrics to measure performance and validate our efforts


  • Styled and captured lifestyle and product photography to appeal to pet owners and promote trial for their beloved pets

Primal Pork Broth Product Photography
Primal Pork Broth & Turkey Broth Product Photography
Dog and Cat Photography
Primal Beef Broth Product Photography
Primal Pork Broth Product Photography
Primal Pork Broth Lifestyle with Dog Photography
Primal Ingredients
Primal Cat with Bowl

REsults & Analytics

Pure Strategic led the charge with this new product launch and contributed to the most successful product launch in Primal Pet Food’s history. Retail, consumer, and sales expectations were all exceeded. Because the launch was so successful, Bone Broth became a core product in their product lineup within the first year of its launch. In turn, this resulted in greater distribution of Bone Broth and helped pet parents across the nation easily hydrate and nourish their beloved companions.

Primal Pet Foods

Client Feedback

From the initial meetings with Chris and his team, we were impressed with the way Pure Strategic works. With their performance based model, we know they are accountable and they truly deliver results. To date, Pure Strategic has created our new website from the ground up, launched our online swag store, created original blog content, and created engaging social media content across multiple platforms. They want to get every aspect of their work right, even if that means they pick up a couple hours on their dime to ensure perfection.

Pure Strategic brings a level of skill and enthusiasm to the table and there’s no shortage of ideas with this team. When challenged with the task of finding innovative ways to market to our customer base, Pure Strategic not only delivered a wealth of proposed concepts, but also executed one on a tight turnaround for us. Their staff is incredibly talented and the work ethic is unmatched. They’ve gone above and beyond to ensure projects are completed on time and to ensure our satisfaction. With Pure Strategic, we know we’ve hired a team of experts to handle all of our design, social media, marketing and strategy needs.
— Kyle Frautnick, Primal Pet Foods Marketing Director

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