Recipe eBook: Creation of Compelling Content

Recipe eBook: Creation of Compelling Content



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To drive more retail sales, Honey Smoked Fish Company sought to show their customers the versatility of the product and how to incorporate it into recipes that were healthy and tasty.


With a clear objective, Pure Strategic and Honey Smoked Fish Company identified the audience that both was likely to buy our product and set forth to educate them on how to incorporate the product into daily recipes. After determining target audiences, we discovered the best way to amplify the message and connect with customers was through the use of social media and e-newsletters.


A cohesive plan was developed to create and publish an ebook full of high-quality recipes to appeal to every palate. This consisted of original appetizing recipe development and professional food preparation, styling, and photography to engage and retain customers across multiple digital channels. With this great original content, we would leverage it to grow our email list as well.


  • Researched, developed, and curated new original recipes to appeal to the target consumer
  • Created a visually compelling design to demonstrate premium quality of the brand
  • Built out a distributable digital ebook and made it available to both prospective consumers and existing engaged customers alike
  • Offered the recipe ebook as an incentive on newsletter sign-up squeeze page to build up email list
Honey Smoked Fish Ebook free content mock up


  • Conducted professional food preparation, styling, and photography for each recipe
  • Utilized step-by-step photos to create clear direction in recipes

Smoked Salmon Pizza
Smoked Salmon egg breakfast
Smoked Salmon Pizza with Wine
Smoked Salmon Salad
Smoked Salmon Soup
Smoked Salmon as Packaging
Smoked Salmon scrambled eggs
Smoked Salmon stuffed peppers

REsults & Analytics

As a result, Pure Strategic curated and created a piece of evergreen, original content. Upon completion of the book, we increased e-newsletter sign-ups, social media engagement, and demonstrated many delicious ways to use the product.

Download the delicious recipe eBook here!

Honey Smoked Fish Co.

Client Feedback

Working with Pure Strategic over the past year has been nothing short of amazing. Chris and the team have been fantastic to work with and it has been great to see how much our relationship has grown with Pure Strategic. I have been working with Hanna and others on a day to day basis and it truly makes it fun to work with a group who is so enthusiastic about our brand and is so reliable in producing high quality projects in a timely manner. They have grown our social media presence immensely, made our website easy to navigate through while looking modern and sleek, created eye-catching drip campaigns, and much more.

I highly recommend working with Pure Strategic as they treat their partners with the utmost respect by building a constant relationship and they never seem to disappoint on the incredible work they put out.
— Spencer Mason, Honey Smoked Fish Co. Owner / Executive Marketing Director

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