Building community that craves without compromise

Building community that craves without compromise


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Nothing brings people together more than a shared experience – and cheese! To help promote trial, build community, drive engagement and celebrate the flavor of Daiya’s products, we sought to create a fun, engaging campaign boasting the deliciousness that dairy-free can offer. To that end, Daiya’s First Annual Grilled Cheese Cook-Off was born.


Through the ooey gooey goodness of a grilled cheese sandwich, we crafted a fully integrated marketing campaign focused on craving without compromise – a core tenant of Daiya’s product line. We conceived the Grilled Cheese Cook-Off experience to appeal to existing Daiya fans, new customers, influencers, bloggers and leverage National Grilled Cheese Day. Through consistent community engagement every step of the way, we encouraged participation.

Tactical Efforts

  • Defined user flow for user generated content
  • Created custom content
  • Engaged with influencers and bloggers
  • Crafted a custom email drip campaign
  • Social media engagement and outreach
  • Custom creation of digital cookbook
Mockup of recipes page


The Daiya community submitted amazing photos and recipes which in turn, generated content for a digital cookbook, became engaged on social media, and increased blog traffic by 390%.

Pure Strategic then celebrated National Grilled Cheese Day with our favorite Daiya recipes - with full indulgence and without compromise.

390% Increase in Blog Pageviews

Website TrafficDuring Campaign

Daiya Deliciously Dairy-Free

Client Feedback

I’ve been extremely impressed with Chris and his entire team. They quickly learned our business and began adding significant value from the beginning. Importantly, they are strategically grounded and analytically driven to ensure their work helps us achieve our business objectives. Their entire team has a partnership mentality and consistently strive to help build our business. I’ve worked with top agencies across the US for nearly 30 years. I would put Pure Strategic among the best and therefore highly recommend them. — Michael Lynch, Daiya Foods, Inc VP Marketing

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