Pure Strategic thrives on supporting our clients throughout every aspect of their business. Our web management services include: weekly progress meetings, implementing measurable metrics and doing every due diligence to get the job done right. But don’t just take our word for it.

See what others we have worked with have to say.

Daiya Deliciously Dairy-Free
I have worked with many e-commerce companies throughout my career and I can say with confidence that Chris brings more skill, knowledge, and enthusiasm than others I have known. His ability to think strategically about a business and then wrap the tactical plans around well-architected initiative is his strong suit. He delivers consistently, thinks creatively and always maintains a keen sense of the practical. In this era of increased emphasis on measuring return on e-commerce investments, I can speak confidently about Chris and his capabilities. — Terry Tierney, Daiya Foods, Inc CEO
Daiya Deliciously Dairy-Free
I’ve been extremely impressed with Chris and his entire team. They quickly learned our business and began adding significant value from the beginning. Importantly, they are strategically grounded and analytically driven to ensure their work helps us achieve our business objectives. Their entire team has a partnership mentality and consistently strive to help build our business. I’ve worked with top agencies across the US for nearly 30 years. I would put Pure Strategic among the best and therefore highly recommend them. — Michael Lynch, Daiya Foods, Inc VP Marketing
“When Pure Strategic started with BackJoy, our online presence consisted of a direct to consumer infomercial landing page. Now we have a beautiful brand site that is helping build our brand and escape the thinking that we were just a 3am TV product. Pure Strategic is able to offer unique experience and strategy recommendations on top of the ongoing maintenance that allows us to be confident the web will be a significant channel of business for us.” — Bing Howenstein, BackJoy CEO
We greatly enjoy working with Pure Strategic. They have helped us create an e-commerce platform that will finally help our company grow. We have also learned more about business strategy and how we can interact with more clients via our website, social media and online marketing. Chris and his team go above and beyond to make sure we are happy and the job is done with perfection. They are a talented and an agile team with tons of experience that is hard to find. Every idea we come up with is planned and strategized to make whatever we want available to happen. — Kael Robinson, Live Worldly LTD President & CEO
I had the privilege of working with Chris for over 4 years at Crocs. It was through Chris’s vision, strategy and execution that Crocs entered into and built a successful Internet business. Chris managed our Americas Internet Services Group and built both the operating platform as well as the customer service group. Chris was integral in the selection, implementation and development of our new global platform supplier – Demandware.

During Chris’s tenure at Crocs we expanded our Internet Services business from nothing to over $50M in less than 4 years. I enjoyed working with Chris, and wish him all the best in his new venture.
— John McCarvel, Crocs Inc CEO
Chris has been instrumental in developing all aspects of the U.S. based e-commerce business at Crocs, Inc. Mirroring the meteoric growth of Crocs at wholesale, Chris has developed from scratch in the space of a couple of years a robust on-line consumer business for Crocs and has contributed to the Crocs story. His creativity and aggressive management style is a key factor in moving this business forward. — Paul Lanham, Crocs Inc Chief Information Officer
We were fortunate to get a referral, to Chris and Pure Strategic, from a highly respected marketing/branding officer at a large chain of boutique hotels. We were looking to improve our web presence and refresh our messaging. We got more than we expected! Our business is very technical and even more rooted in compliance.

Chris spent a great deal of time understanding the details of our industry in addition to the challenges and perceptions, which we appreciated. The result was a web site that reflected our philosophies, personalities and differentiation. We are so pleased with Chris and his focus on servicing his clients that we are currently looking into other ways we can utilize the many other service s of Pure Strategic.
— Matthew Medeiros, The Institute for Wealth Management, LLC President / CEO
Pure Strategic was a pleasure to work with. The Pure Strategic team re-designed our website and was instrumental in re-creating our brand. They not only created a design for our site to match our new look and feel, they also updated the brand for our collateral and business cards. They were truly a collaborative partner in developing our new brand and were very receptive to implementing and modifying the project plan to meet our wants and needs. Due to their project management skills, we were able to launch on time and on budget during a very short window of opportunity. — Monica Dozier, Technologent Sr. Director of Marketing
MyChelle Dermaceuticals
We’ve worked with Chris for over four years and his performance in helping us reach our goals has been excellent. Chris has the staff and the leadership ability to continue to offer additional services as our company grows. He’s been a great partner; he listens, he makes great suggestions, and he executes. We give him the highest recommendation. — Paul D. Whittle, MyChelle Dermaceuticals President
MyChelle Dermaceuticals
Pure Strategic is a master of all ecommerce capabilities. Led by the experienced knowledge of Chris Brown the Pure Strategic Team is the perfect marketing weapon for your ecommerce arsenal. Pure Strategic will help you identify and execute key tactics and metrics that will produce ROI for your business. Their creative ability and strategic mindset come together with a complete understanding of your brand. Pure Strategic has helped MyChelle develop an ecommerce platform of direct to consumer sales, social media awareness, blog education and engagement, search engine optimization, and the design and development of the Pocket Esthetician iOS and Android Mobile App.

Pure Strategic is a bomber team – I recommend you get started with them ASAP.
— Kristen Carey, MyChelle Dermaceuticals VP Marketing
Working with Pure Strategic, is like having the entire coaching staff and rock-star roster of a World Series winning team in your back pocket. The passion, skill and experience they bring to the field is evident in every elegant and strategic move they’ve made for suuthe.

They have artfully maintained a warm and personal voice, so important to our customers, while driving sales and growing our web presence. Ultimately elevating our exposure and positioning suuthe as an industry leader. Only the best of the best can knock that ball out of the park.
— Mari Carlin Dart, Suuthe President / CEO
Ancient Harvest
Brought on to drive the digital efforts for Ancient Harvest, Pure Strategic conceived our overall digital strategy, spearheaded our digital marketing efforts, generated original content, defined our social strategy, produced engaging digital campaigns and built and maintained our website. Pure Strategic’s performance-based approach helped us define key conversions in support of our company goals and has resulted in significant growth across our digital channels. — Blake Waltrip, Ancient Harvest CEO
Pure Strategic’s holistic, proactive and collaborative approach to digital strategy has helped us achieve double-digit revenue growth since we began working together. The staff has gone above and beyond to complete projects on-time and on-budget, and the results speak for themselves. They are a joy to work with and committed to excellent customer service. I recommend them without hesitation. — Denise Anderson, GoLite Marketing Director
We have had a stellar relationship with the team at Pure Strategic. They have exceeded our expectations over the past six months. They’ve created a wonderful new look and feel for both properties (Gibson Athletic and Rage Fitness). That effort has contributed to an unbelievable increase in visitors to our site which means additional conversions and increased sales year over year. Thank you for your efforts. — Brian Smith, Gibson CEO
Pure Strategic has been an invaluable partner since we began working together over the last two quarters. Our digital presence has stepped up significantly. We now have the look, feel and cadence of an established brand. We have been able to execute beautiful digital campaigns that position us at a level we simply could not achieve before. The Pure Strategic team ensures our website and social campaigns are in complete alignment; although this is basic, it was not the case prior. Pure Strategic’s proactive nature has been invaluable in further enhancing our web presence. They go above and beyond in suggesting alternate ways to optimize not only how a website looks and feels, but how it performs in search. Communications with the Pure Strategic team are easy and their response time is excellent. Their compensation structure is also a hassle-free way to ensure our goals are set clearly, achieved, revisited and updated regularly. I’m very glad to call Pure Strategic a partner. — Jen-ai Stokesbary, Boulder Organic! Marketing Director
Ping Digital Signage Solutions
Since 2014, Ping HD has relied on Pure Strategic to drive our business in the online space and develop e-collateral to support our marketing and branding strategies. They delivered a world class website and have continued to execute and optimize a comprehensive digital strategy to drive our lead generation efforts. Pure Strategic landed us earned media placements in top industry publications, sparked engagement across our social media channels and played an integral role in the branding and positioning of our proprietary software, EngagePHD™. As our outsourced marketing and branding agency, the Pure Strategic team continues to deliver value to Ping HD as we compete in a very crowded and fragmented space. — Peter Stamos, Ping HD CEO
Partnering with Pure Strategic has been integral to our e-commerce growth strategy and we couldn’t be more pleased with the results they have produced. Both our Canadian and U.S. websites clearly communicate the personality of our brand and in parallel, include strategic implements that drive customers toward completing a purchase, signing up for emails, or learning more about our product. Beyond the impressive results they have yielded for our business, working with the team at Pure Strategic has been a joy. From design to copy to overall website support, their passion for our brand shines through their work. Pure Strategic truly feels like an extension of our internal team. — Rebecca Remley, Wedderspoon Organics CEO
All Good Logo
Pure Strategic has helped us more than double our online business in one year. Their approach is methodical and measurable, and they are really fun to work with. Chris took the time to get to know All Good’s culture and to dive deep into our goals and aspirations so that he could lead his team in best representing us in the digital space. They are dedicated and hardworking, and they know what it takes to get the job done! — Caroline Duell, All Good Products Founder and President
During the past year, Pure Strategic has been an instrumental partner in bringing a huge step-change to Redco’s digital and e-commerce efforts and capabilities. This has included an entire re-design and implementation of two branded websites, the company’s e-commerce platform, and the marketing efforts by which we continue to drive online revenue, with our combined Red Rose and Salada website revenue up over 35% year-to-date versus last year. Pure Strategic continues to consistently add value to our business, taking the initiative to provide us with innovative solutions that drive revenue, email acquisition and loyalty for our brands. — David Burrows, Redco Foods, Inc. VP and Chief Marketing Officer
Healthy Skoop
When it comes to ecommerce strategy and implementation you want a smart team that can give you the confidence and conviction that the job will get done right. Chris Brown and the Pure Strategic team are the people that you want to invest with – they are smart strategic thinkers that align quickly with your brand and develop your ecommerce platform to perform at its highest level.

I have worked with Pure Strategic with MyChelle Dermaceuticals and Healthy Skoop and the team has consistently developed an ecommerce solution that allowed me to share a great brand story effectively through direct to consumer digital commerce. Our most recent success was the transition of the Healthy Skoop complicated MLM custom site to a highly functioning Shopify platform. The Pure Strategic team was able to express the Healthy Skoop story while at the same time designing an architecture that allowed our consumer to get the product info they needed to make a purchase. Their knowledge and capabilities with the Shopify platform are outstanding and the analytics prove it: sessions are up 64%, users up 83%, and bounce rates are down 22%. Our consumers are engaging more and I couldn’t be happier.

I highly recommend the Pure Strategic team to help build your brand story and ecommerce platform.
— Kristen Carey, Healthy Skoop Chief Marketing Skooper
Lafe’s Natural BodyCare
Pure Strategic is one of the most qualified, professional, and competent companies I’ve had the pleasure to hire and work with. For our brand, they designed and developed an updated and amazing website on a platform that gave us a look we only could’ve dreamed of. In addition to the website, they did a wonderful job managing and developing our social media growth, online marketing campaigns, and gave us the bandwidth to capture consumer interaction, that we asked for. Our brand has had two decades of online sales, and we had over 100% growth within months of them taking over our online business. Their team is knowledgeable on all aspects, and extremely creative, easy to work with, and sensitive to our needs. Pure Strategic is a partner that you can trust! — Jarrod Butler, Lafe’s Natural BodyCare Vice President
Pure Strategic did an incredible job of identifying gaps within our digital marketing strategy, and then immediately hit the ground running. They have an experienced, highly skilled team that can tackle any digital marketing task, from creative to development. I would highly recommend Pure Strategic to companies that are looking for an all-in-one strategic digital marketing partner. — Jake Sablosky, NuNaturals Executive VP
Primal Pet Foods
From the initial meetings with Chris and his team, we were impressed with the way Pure Strategic works. With their performance based model, we know they are accountable and they truly deliver results. To date, Pure Strategic has created our new website from the ground up, launched our online swag store, created original blog content, and created engaging social media content across multiple platforms. They want to get every aspect of their work right, even if that means they pick up a couple hours on their dime to ensure perfection.

Pure Strategic brings a level of skill and enthusiasm to the table and there’s no shortage of ideas with this team. When challenged with the task of finding innovative ways to market to our customer base, Pure Strategic not only delivered a wealth of proposed concepts, but also executed one on a tight turnaround for us. Their staff is incredibly talented and the work ethic is unmatched. They’ve gone above and beyond to ensure projects are completed on time and to ensure our satisfaction. With Pure Strategic, we know we’ve hired a team of experts to handle all of our design, social media, marketing and strategy needs.
— Kyle Frautnick, Primal Pet Foods Marketing Director
Bubba’s Fine Foods
We came to Pure Strategic with virtually no digital marketing infrastructure in place. Chris and team were able to quickly build our digital ecosystem from the ground up in a very strategic, creative and effective way….and educating us thru the whole experience. From stunning email marketing to e-commerce subscription plans, they did it all. Their communication and collaboration with our team was top notch…always consistent and transparent. It’s truly an effective partnership working with Pure Strategic. — Jeff Schmidgall, Bubba’s Fine Foods Co-Founder / CEO
Our company has been working with the Pure Strategic Team for over 3 years in various capacities. Whether we are working on small projects or large, the team is very responsive to our needs. They provide the expertise we need as it relates to digital marketing. Love the fact that they are nimble and always available to provide insights, guidance, and execution in an ever-changing work space. — Gina Akins, Soybu VP Operations
Keen One Quinoa
Working with Pure Strategic was a good experience all around. We completely renovated our website onto a more responsive Shopify platform with new features, great media and a beautiful layout. Chris and his team were understanding of our evolving needs and helped teach us the overall strategy of the work during the campaigns that we implemented. — Christopher Algea, Keen One Quinoa Founder / President
Honey Smoked Fish Co.
Working with Pure Strategic over the past year has been nothing short of amazing. Chris and the team have been fantastic to work with and it has been great to see how much our relationship has grown with Pure Strategic. I have been working with Hanna and others on a day to day basis and it truly makes it fun to work with a group who is so enthusiastic about our brand and is so reliable in producing high quality projects in a timely manner. They have grown our social media presence immensely, made our website easy to navigate through while looking modern and sleek, created eye-catching drip campaigns, and much more.

I highly recommend working with Pure Strategic as they treat their partners with the utmost respect by building a constant relationship and they never seem to disappoint on the incredible work they put out.
— Spencer Mason, Honey Smoked Fish Co. Owner / Executive Marketing Director
Working with Pure Strategic has been well worth the investment, and more. Originally, we hired Pure Strategic to help us with our digital marketing strategy and implementation, which they’ve done well beyond our expectations. They’ve also gone above and beyond, helping us get our website live in a pinch, conducted lifestyle and studio photo-shoots, written website and sales copy, and literally answer any question we have about Shopify and the world of E-Commerce. Chris and his team are experienced professionals who care about the work they put out and the clients they work with. If you’re looking to take your e-commerce and online presence to the next level, I highly recommend working with Pure Strategic.

Thank you team, PS!
— Annelise Loevlie, Icelantic C.E.Ohhhhh
Chris Brown and his team of marketing professionals at Pure Strategic Solutions are definitely on the cutting edge of marketing services in the digital age. Their knowledge of social media and how it is being used to attract, track, and engage clients is remarkable. They are very client focused and understand the challenges of getting a new product introduced to the potential users whether that be on a small local basis or on a broad national platform. They have been working with our small start-up company to develop a marketing plan. Their photographic work is excellent and adds such a professional and taste-sensual feeling to the project. In a step-by-step manner they put together a plan that was easily understood and very presentable to our team and potential investors. They did an excellent job of analyzing our selected markets, major competitors, and specific end-users for our non-dairy frozen dessert. One of the most impressive parts of the project was how they could develop a website and integrate it with a variety of social media platforms that were available to a wide range of potential customers. The assistance with packaging design and labels was top notch and helped us create product awareness that made the product highly desirable to prospective users.

The bottom line is that Pure Strategic Solutions is fully engaged in doing not only marketing development work, but also prepared to assist new or established firms with implementation and operation of the various platforms being employed for introduction of the product. They are flexible, client focused, and well-positioned to help clients achieve their marketing objectives in a very cost- effective manner. They know how to get a business positioned to aggressively move new or existing products into the market in a very professional manner that is in-step with the new digital world we all live in today.
— Bruce Wiesley, DiNoci - Dairy Free Frozen Dessert Executive VP
Heavenly Organics
Working with Pure Strategic over the past year has been a rewarding experience. They are very selective with the clients they work with and this really shows up in the work they’ve done for us. The Pure Strategic team is passionate about Heavenly Organics. They use our products, they gift our product to other clients and they share our products with their friends and families. The are raving fans. They ask insightful questions and provided a thoughtful perspective and provided a considered approach to elevating our brand. They did a deep dive into identifying our key customer personas and distilled our digital presence to retain the core essence while simplifying our message.

Chris Brown is a strong and insightful leader that provides high level guidance, on-point recommendations and is alway enthusiastic about delivering excellent outcomes. He empowers his team to take ownership of the work they do and he is a great collaborator. Chris is an excellent communicator who isn’t afraid to open up the conversation to get to the root of an issue. I appreciate his candour, ethical approach to marketing and his unyielding commitment to achieving great results.
— Aron Bjornson, Heavenly Organics - International Sales + Marketing
Sun Company Inc.
Chris and his team at Pure Strategic are simply excellent at what they do. Before working with Pure Strategic, we were behind the times in terms of digital marketing. Pure Strategic quickly got us up to speed by redesigning our website, optimizing our digital advertising, and creating effective marketing/promotional content that we can use across all platforms. The content they create is always beautiful and their communication is excellent. The team schedules regular meetings so that we can stay up to date on current projects as well as brainstorm ideas for future projects. I love that I am never “in the dark” and I know every dollar is well spent. I am very much looking forward to continuing our partnership with Pure Strategic and seeing how they can help our company continue to grow. — David Cross, Sun Company Inc. Executive VP
Working with Pure Strategic over the last 6 months has been a pleasure. Their knowledge of the industry is second to none and Chris and his team have went above and beyond on all of our requests. We have had Pure Strategic help us with the relaunch of our Vintage Gums - Black Jack, Clove, and Beemans. We began with a marketing campaign and them building a website to increase and drive traffic to educate the consumer of the rich history and provide them with a store locator to buy the product. Not only did they come up with a plan, they explained to us the importance of each step and educated us along the way to increase our knowledge of the social media and digital industry. Pure Strategic is full of great ideas for advertising campaigns and always execute them exactly as envisioned. We could not be happier that we chose Pure Strategic to work with for all of our marketing needs. — Joe Foguth, Gerrit J. Verburg Company VP Marketing
Our company worked with the Pure Strategic Team in various capacities. Whether we were working on small projects or large, the team was very responsive to our needs and questions. They provided the expertise we needed as it related to digital marketing, advertising and E-Commerce. In addition, their creative team provided amazing photographs of our products for our website, social and digital ads.

Overall, Chris and his team provided helpful insights and wonderful guidance.
— Jenna McCormick, Harris Tea Company Marketing
Dear Chris,
I wanted take a moment to compliment you and your team on the superb job with our recent website design and development. The whole process was incredibly seemless and the final product surpassed our expectations. Beginning with the development, Hayley and Brittany clearly requested all materials, copy and brand insights while simultaneously outlining the six month plan.

Over the course of the project we interacted with members of your dev, copy writing and photography teams, all of whom represented with competance and expediency. As with most projects, we changed our mind a few times and even on the eve of the launch made last minute edits and dev updates, all of which were handled in stride and, surprisingly, did not push back the launch date.

In our high stakes, marketing-focused CPG world, we so often take excellence for granted, and your team rose to the expectation. I was impressed by the clear communication, the quick pace, immediate responses to questions, high quality of work across multiple disciplines, and of course, the final product.

With the new site, our brand is much more approachable with ownable creative elements and a more cohesive story. And after the first month, conversions are up 100% on the same amount of sessions. Can’t wait to ramp up the marketing and start doing the fun stuff!

Thank you very much for a great experience and a great final product. My highest compliments to you and your team.
— David Ingalls, MS, RD, Zing Bars CEO & Co-Founder
As a non-profit organization, the integrity of who we work with is extremely important so we were thrilled to find a marketing company whose values and business approach align directly with ours. Our name and brand must be associated with trust and community, and Pure Strategic provides us with that through their partnership, their work and who they are as a company.

We couldn’t be happier with the level of service that Chris and his team has brought to our organization. Their work is intentional and planned, always looking to reach an outcome rather than just a deadline. The team is flexible and easy to work with, providing experienced plans on how we can further our reach into the community.

We are continually pleased with the feedback we receive from our constituents about the digital improvements that have been made as a result of Pure Strategic’s evaluation of our materials.
— Chrysti R. Britt, MSCJ, Cultivate Executive Director
Pure Strategic is a company that truly values cultivating and nourishing relationships first and foremost. Not only is the quality of their work top notch, but they act with integrity and authentic care every step of the way. I highly recommend Pure Strategic to any business looking to take their digital game to the next level. — Stacia Guzzo, SmartyPits CEO + Formulator, SmartyPits
When Pure Strategic began working with HuggleHounds®, we were immersed in the true “infancy” of our consumer ecommerce efforts. As a manufacturer whose primary focus has been dedicated to the growth and expansion of our wholesale business, it was at times challenging to balance the priorities and investments necessary for successful direct to consumer efforts.

In less than a year, Chris and the Pure Strategic team have successfully ushered us from infancy to vibrant adolescence, and helped us build a clear path and strategic plan guaranteed to propel us ahead to full-fledged ecomm adulthood. With their guidance, we have achieved consistent revenue growth and developed essential customer acquisition tools, and the team’s collaborative approach has allowed us to dig deeply into digital opportunities and successfully address inherent challenges.

From project management to copywriting, design, photography and all other assignments, Pure Strategic brings both the art and the science of digital marketing to the task, and without exception, each team member is a supremely talented and enthusiastic partner in our business, both day-to-day and long(er) term.

As a company whose own staff is stretched thin, as most are these days, we appreciate the always-collaborative approach and excellent customer service. Here’s what we all want in business partners – responsiveness, accountability, sound strategy and positive results. We get this and more from Pure Strategic.
— Mary Morgan, Director, Marketing Allure Pet Products / Huggle Hounds
In the past, we have had many lackluster engagements with third parties. So, when we reached out to Pure Strategic, we were a little guarded and not sure what to expect. The first conversations were promising, but we wanted to see performance, not just good conversation. We definitely took the crawl, walk, run approach. The entire team at Pure Strategic was very accommodating through the entire process. They were able to jump on out of scope tasks we threw their way.

It soon became clearly evident their team had the skills and drive to perform. We started ramping up our engagement and have not been let down. There has always been clear communication and fast response times. The only thing I would change is skipping the crawl stage of the process.

Thank you, Pure Strategic Team!
— Brandon Bearden, Obermeyer
Sport Obermeyer in its 75-year history has always been a manufacturer/wholesaler, but on July 1, 2020 we began selling our product Direct to Consumers (DTC).

We knew way before then we would need help with this endeavor, so we started searching for a Digital Advertising partner late in 2019. We interviewed multiple agencies and selected Pure Strategic based on their performance with their other partners and their complete confidence and enthusiasm in their ability to sell our product online.

With another company I worked for, I saw all online profit get absorbed by Google and FedEx, so I was most concerned our campaigns at Obermeyer would end up costing us more than our profit margin. Chris at Pure Strategic eased my concerns by outlining how they constantly monitor, and adjust campaigns based on profitability. Given this, we eased into Google and Social advertising with amazing results often exceeding a 1:15 return.

There is no way we could have done this on our own and Pure Strategic continues to provide us with focused attention. By incorporating their deep knowledge and skills they contribute mightily to our increased profitability daily.

Pure Strategic has greatly exceeding our first year’s aspirations for our new DTC channel, and we cannot wait to see what the future holds.
— Gregory Bannister, Obermeyer COO
Our two brands (Regalo Baby and Carlson Pet Products) have worked with Chris and the team at Pure Strategic for over 8 years and continue to be extremely satisfied with their knowledge, skills, and desire to go above and beyond. They dove in to learn all areas of our business and have significantly enhanced our strategies and execution in e-commerce, social, and digital ads. I am so thankful to have a dedicated team working alongside us. — Chelsey Christiansen, Regalo International, LLC Digital Marketing Manager

SeaBear has been thrilled with Pure Strategic’s work getting us to a new, more robust, more compelling web site on Shopify, a platform that is far superior to where we were previously. The Pure Strategic team led the effort, working with us to establish the website goals upfront, developing the process plan, driving the process, working hand-in-hand with the SeaBear team throughout, and ultimately getting to our aggressive launch date in excellent shape.

Since launch, Pure Strategic and SeaBear have continued to work together seamlessly to further enhance the functionality and consumer experience, a process I am sure will continue as we work from the data to identify opportunities.

Everyone we worked with on the Pure Strategic team – from development, to design, to planning – brought strong skills, and even more importantly an extremely strong let’s-work-together-to-get-it-done mentality. We look forward to this taking our growing direct to consumer business to another level.
— Mike Mondello, SeaBear Smokehouse President & CEO
Working with Pure Strategic has been a very positive experience for our company. They are professional and upbeat to work with. The team offers a variety of skills and we love the creativity and excellence in their graphic design and photography. New to selling on Amazon, PS helped us navigate our marketing campaigns and created a beautiful Amazon Store page. They made many improvements to our website, creating an inviting and seamless user experience. We’ve learned so much working with them, from social media strategy to evaluating our cost analysis. Chris and his team helped us look at the bigger picture in approaching our business and were always willing to teach and help! — Jodi Barr, Mrs. Barr's CEO
Working with Pure Strategic has been a wonderful experience! From collaborating to implementing specific design elements, Pure Strategic team of designers embraced our full vision and helped bring to life our re-branded Carlson Pet Products website.

The goal for our company re-brand was to focus on and present the playful and fun side of Carlson. As pet’s bring joy, comfort and companionship, Carlson wanted to focus our new website direction to our mission statement, Pet Inspired, Pet Approved™.

Pure Strategic made sure everything fell with-in our new brand & corporate guidelines. We appreciated the professionalism through every step! I would highly recommend seeking Pure Strategic out for your next website projects.
— Megan Schomburg, Carlson Pet Products Brand Manager & Creative Director
Pure Strategic has the ability to listen to their clients’ needs and desires, while also adding value by providing their own expertise in both overall design and visual aesthetics. They fully understand packaging design and provide incredibly professional work and couple it with great attention to detail — while still being able to finish our various projects in a timely manner. On multiple occasions, we were even able to expedite the design of many of our packaging changes to meet hard deadlines, which ultimately saved us a ton of money in the end. Couldn’t speak more highly of both Pure Strategic and their work! — Brooks Thostenson, Taos Bakes CIO & Co-Founder
The talented team at Pure Strategic created many great assets for my company, The Happy Vegan, that showcased our dairy-free cheese-dip product, Notcho Nocheez.

Not only did they take amazing photographs of the product and it "in use", but they also created a stunning video that I can use for almost any application!

They also completely re-designed my website and collaborated with me throughout the entire process to be sure it had the look/feel and overall message that I wanted to convey to our customers about the company and product. The website also features a Shopify store and looks and functions perfectly! During the website creation process, they went above and beyond to actually make recipes with my product to help me to develop a necessary "Recipe" component to my website. The pictures they created are used regularly on our social media and for other marketing efforts.

The design team was truly fabulous and created superb collateral including brochures, sell-sheets, trade-show signage, and other marketing pieces. Working with the team was such a pleasurable experience.

The technical team was amazing too as they made the website design & launch process seamless!

A special thanks to the owner, who takes such pride in his work and making it right for the customer. He cares immensely about his team and his customers and working with him was a true pleasure.
— Sharon Gregory, Notcho Nocheez / The Happy Vegan, LLC CEO