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CPC, PPA, ROAS — The world of digital marketing has its own language, and we’re fluent in it so you don’t have to be. Our highly specialized digital marketing team offers experience across industries, creative ingenuity, and the instantaneous adaptability it takes to turn “Click here to learn more!” into “Thank you for your purchase.” In a digital landscape that is constantly changing, a successful web presence is dependent upon targeted, qualified traffic steered by a strategic marketing plan.

Marketing Services:

  • Conceiving fresh, unique ways to increase exposure and brand desire
  • Email acquisition and marketing
  • Customizing and managing brand ambassador and advocacy programs
  • Social media content creation and management
  • Building and managing brand loyalty programs
  • Original content marketing
  • Paid search and display advertising
  • Remarketing and retargeting
  • Merchant feed management
  • Affiliate marketing
  • Analytics, tracking and reporting on all efforts

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