Performance Model

Performance Model

Our Performance Model is based on achievement

Before partnering with a client, we undergo an extensive discovery process where your digital goals are identified and we confirm that we can achieve them. We are not a fit for everyone. But for those that are a fit, we build a detailed plan that shows their potential growth with us.

If we make a commitment to you, we believe it is accomplishable. We are so confident in our ability to achieve your goals, we put a significant amount of our compensation on the line. If you are ready to engage with a dependable and accountable team, check out the plans below and call us today.

Here's How it Works

Goals & commitments are agreed to before the start of each quarter

Efforts provided by Pure Strategic support the achievement of the goals defined for the quarter

When goals & commitments are accomplished, we receive our performance-based compensation

The Performance Model Details:

Our scalable performance-based model ensures both alignment to the goals that have been defined by your business and incentive for Pure Strategic to achieve those goals. Monthly retainer hours can scale up or down depending on the needs of the business with 30 days notice. Our minimum monthly retainer commitment for our Performance Model is 60 hours.

Performance Model rates:

60 hours monthly minimum – $165 per hour

$120 per hour paid in advance at the beginning of each month.

$45 per hour is paid at the close of each quarter only after goals and commitments have been accomplished.

If we do not hit the goals and commitments that we agreed to, you do not pay us our performance-based compensation!

Goals and commitments are defined and agreed to by both client and Pure Strategic prior to the start of each quarter. Client and Pure Strategic can agree to any combination of goals so long as they are structured in a way to measure progress.  

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