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SeaBear Smokehouse Testimonial Testimonial

SeaBear Smokehouse Testimonial


SeaBear has been thrilled with Pure Strategic’s work getting us to a new, more robust, more compelling web site on Shopify, a platform that is far superior to where we were previously. The Pure Strategic team led the effort, working with us to establish the website goals upfront, developing the process plan, driving the process, working hand-in-hand with the SeaBear team throughout, and ultimately getting to our aggressive launch date in excellent shape.

Since launch, Pure Strategic and SeaBear have continued to work together seamlessly to further enhance the functionality and consumer experience, a process I am sure will continue as we work from the data to identify opportunities.

Everyone we worked with on the Pure Strategic team – from development, to design, to planning – brought strong skills, and even more importantly an extremely strong let’s-work-together-to-get-it-done mentality. We look forward to this taking our growing direct to consumer business to another level.

— Mike Mondello, SeaBear Smokehouse President & CEO