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Obermeyer Testimonial Testimonial

Obermeyer Testimonial

Sport Obermeyer in its 75-year history has always been a manufacturer/wholesaler, but on July 1, 2020 we began selling our product Direct to Consumers (DTC).

We knew way before then we would need help with this endeavor, so we started searching for a Digital Advertising partner late in 2019. We interviewed multiple agencies and selected Pure Strategic based on their performance with their other partners and their complete confidence and enthusiasm in their ability to sell our product online.

With another company I worked for, I saw all online profit get absorbed by Google and FedEx, so I was most concerned our campaigns at Obermeyer would end up costing us more than our profit margin. Chris at Pure Strategic eased my concerns by outlining how they constantly monitor, and adjust campaigns based on profitability. Given this, we eased into Google and Social advertising with amazing results often exceeding a 1:15 return.

There is no way we could have done this on our own and Pure Strategic continues to provide us with focused attention. By incorporating their deep knowledge and skills they contribute mightily to our increased profitability daily. Pure Strategic has greatly exceeding our first year’s aspirations for our new DTC channel, and we cannot wait to see what the future holds.

— Gregory Bannister, Obermeyer COO

In the past, we have had many lackluster engagements with third parties. So, when we reached out to Pure Strategic, we were a little guarded and not sure what to expect. The first conversations were promising, but we wanted to see performance, not just good conversation. We definitely took the crawl, walk, run approach. The entire team at Pure Strategic was very accommodating through the entire process. They were able to jump on out of scope tasks we threw their way.

It soon became clearly evident their team had the skills and drive to perform. We started ramping up our engagement and have not been let down. There has always been clear communication and fast response times. The only thing I would change is skipping the crawl stage of the process.

Thank you, Pure Strategic Team!

— Brandon Bearden, Obermeyer