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HuggleHounds® Testimonial Testimonial

HuggleHounds® Testimonial

When Pure Strategic began working with HuggleHounds®, we were immersed in the true “infancy” of our consumer ecommerce efforts. As a manufacturer whose primary focus has been dedicated to the growth and expansion of our wholesale business, it was at times challenging to balance the priorities and investments necessary for successful direct to consumer efforts.

In less than a year, Chris and the Pure Strategic team have successfully ushered us from infancy to vibrant adolescence, and helped us build a clear path and strategic plan guaranteed to propel us ahead to full-fledged ecomm adulthood. With their guidance, we have achieved consistent revenue growth and developed essential customer acquisition tools, and the team’s collaborative approach has allowed us to dig deeply into digital opportunities and successfully address inherent challenges.

From project management to copywriting, design, photography and all other assignments, Pure Strategic brings both the art and the science of digital marketing to the task, and without exception, each team member is a supremely talented and enthusiastic partner in our business, both day-to-day and long(er) term.

As a company whose own staff is stretched thin, as most are these days, we appreciate the always-collaborative approach and excellent customer service. Here’s what we all want in business partners – responsiveness, accountability, sound strategy and positive results. We get this and more from Pure Strategic.

— Mary Morgan, Director, Marketing Allure Pet Products / HuggleHounds®