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Gerrit J. Verburg Company Testimonial Testimonial

Gerrit J. Verburg Company Testimonial

Working with Pure Strategic has been a pleasure. Their knowledge of the industry is second to none and Chris and his team have went above and beyond on all of our requests. We have had Pure Strategic help us with the relaunch of our Vintage Gums - Black Jack, Clove, and Beemans. We began with a marketing campaign and them building a website to increase and drive traffic to educate the consumer of the rich history and provide them with a store locator to buy the product. Not only did they come up with a plan, they explained to us the importance of each step and educated us along the way to increase our knowledge of the social media and digital industry. Pure Strategic is full of great ideas for advertising campaigns and always execute them exactly as envisioned. We could not be happier that we chose Pure Strategic to work with for all of our marketing needs.

— Joe Foguth, Gerrit J. Verburg Company VP Marketing