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DiNoci - Dairy Free Frozen Dessert Testimonial Testimonial

DiNoci - Dairy Free Frozen Dessert Testimonial

Chris Brown and his team of marketing professionals at Pure Strategic Solutions are definitely on the cutting edge of marketing services in the digital age. Their knowledge of social media and how it is being used to attract, track, and engage clients is remarkable. They are very client focused and understand the challenges of getting a new product introduced to the potential users whether that be on a small local basis or on a broad national platform. They have been working with our small start-up company to develop a marketing plan. Their photographic work is excellent and adds such a professional and taste-sensual feeling to the project. In a step-by-step manner they put together a plan that was easily understood and very presentable to our team and potential investors. They did an excellent job of analyzing our selected markets, major competitors, and specific end-users for our non-dairy frozen dessert. One of the most impressive parts of the project was how they could develop a website and integrate it with a variety of social media platforms that were available to a wide range of potential customers. The assistance with packaging design and labels was top notch and helped us create product awareness that made the product highly desirable to prospective users.

The bottom line is that Pure Strategic Solutions is fully engaged in doing not only marketing development work, but also prepared to assist new or established firms with implementation and operation of the various platforms being employed for introduction of the product. They are flexible, client focused, and well-positioned to help clients achieve their marketing objectives in a very cost- effective manner. They know how to get a business positioned to aggressively move new or existing products into the market in a very professional manner that is in-step with the new digital world we all live in today.

— Bruce Wiesley, DiNoci - Dairy Free Frozen Dessert Executive VP