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Daiya Foods, Inc Testimonial Testimonial

Daiya Foods, Inc Testimonial

I have worked with many e-commerce companies throughout my career and I can say with confidence that Chris brings more skill, knowledge, and enthusiasm than others I have known. His ability to think strategically about a business and then wrap the tactical plans around well-architected initiative is his strong suit. He delivers consistently, thinks creatively and always maintains a keen sense of the practical. In this era of increased emphasis on measuring return on e-commerce investments, I can speak confidently about Chris and his capabilities.

— Terry Tierney, Daiya Foods, Inc CEO

I’ve been extremely impressed with Chris and his entire team. They quickly learned our business and began adding significant value from the beginning. Importantly, they are strategically grounded and analytically driven to ensure their work helps us achieve our business objectives. Their entire team has a partnership mentality and consistently strive to help build our business. I’ve worked with top agencies across the US for nearly 30 years. I would put Pure Strategic among the best and therefore highly recommend them.

— Michael Lynch, Daiya Foods, Inc VP Marketing