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Bar U EAT Testimonial Testimonial

Bar U EAT Testimonial

We brought on Pure Strategic to take us out of the kiddy pool and into the deep end with a digital presence that would rival the most well-known, big-budget CPG brands. Our initial request from them was to revamp our website and after our kickoff meeting, we were especially impressed by their strategic (pun intended) approach to digital marketing. They helped us build our website as the foundation of our brand and we were so pleased with how it came out that they ended up spearheading multiple projects including setting up our Amazon store front, building out our sample program, creating video and photo assets, running our paid ad campaigns and a lot more. They're upfront and realistic about their capabilities, yet always willing to go out on a limb to try to make our crazy, hair-brained ideas work. One of the most valuable things for any contractor that we bring on is communication, and in this regard they are phenomenal. I'd recommend Pure Strategic to any brand looking to take their game to the next level. They rock.

Jason Friday, BAR-U-EAT Co-Founder